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Welcome to Demo of Masino Template for PHPMaker 2017

This demonstration requires browsers with JavaScript enabled for the menu. Note: This demonstration uses a Masino Template file that built for PHPMaker v2017. The PHP scripts are generated by PHPMaker without hand-coding. However, to demonstrate different features in one site, some pages are re-generated after changing some settings. This demo project shows you how the generated pages generally look like and illustrates some of the advanced features just like described in PHPMaker Demo website.

  Level Access: Administrator
  » Username: admin
  » Password: master
  This is the administrator account which have full permissions, including user management.

  Level Access: Sales
  » Username: nancy
  » Password: 1234
  This account has limited permissions. You can only view records in tables.

  Level Access: Manager
  » Username: andrew
  » Password: 1234
  This account has full permissions except user management. you can only modify your own record in the "Employees" table.

If you obviously want to use this template file, please send me an email to